About Us

We have always welcomed a huge diversity of musical genres at our Club but some people may still be under the impression that “folk music” is some old bloke, finger stuck in his ear, singing a song that’s usually about death and is 30 verses long! If ‘traditional music’ is your particular thing that’s great and CNFAC welcomes you, but contemporary folk music encompasses so much more and we like to think the genre is constantly evolving and will therefore attract a wide range of styles and performances.

Within our club we have an eclectic mix of performers, from some very talented local singer/songwriters right through the musical spectrum to absolute beginners who would just like the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. We also enjoy a huge array of different musical genres, from traditional/unaccompanied singers and a cappella groups, to self-penned material and right on through to contemporary folk and Americana, Country, Blues and acoustic pop/rock, and there’s even the occasional poem thrown into the mix amongst other things! The variety of music is endless and it's really about whatever you wish to perform in an acoustic environment.

As well as singers and guitarists, we have had banjo and flute players, pan pipes and whistles, squeeze boxes of all types, bag pipes and dulcimers (both Appalachian and hammered) as well as anything else the performer has chosen to play. All ages are welcome - from teens to oldies and everyone in between; all that's required is a love of live, informal music. We could possibly be termed an ‘open mic night but without the mic’ as we are a totally acoustic club that doesn’t rely on amplification; this means the audience respects and listens to the performance.

"So what exactly is Folk Music?” you might ask. Well, if you just enjoy playing acoustic music informally, whatever the genre, you're probably part of what could be termed the ”contemporary folk music" scene. But please, don't get hung up on a label; whether you’re a performer or just want to listen come and check us out and see for yourself.